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Why do you need a TouchGENiE?

Soladapt, together with its China partner has been specialising in the research, development and manufacturing of interactive touch products. Transform your home PC monitor or television to a fantastic touchscreen with TouchGENiE and enjoy all the freedom and benefits to interact with your work and media like never before.

The TouchGENiE Overlay is simple and easy to use. The Overlay’s frame needs to be strapped on to the front of any desktop monitor or TV and plugged into a personal computer through a USB connection. The unit is plug and play so there is no software drivers required. The Overlays come in a range of sizes from 17” to 159” with offer 2 to 40 point multi touch function.


  • TouchGENiE is the cost effective and easy way to use your existing monitor as a touchscreen!
  • TouchGENiE is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android software.
  • Simply attach TouchGENiE on to your monitor and connect it via USB Cable
  • Experience the full benefits of touchscreen applications!