• Off-site support (phone & email)
  • On-site support (on premises)
  • Document reviews
  • Wireframe/mockup reviews

Digital Auditing

  • Audit of all web content
  • Ensure WCAG 2.0 compliancy
  • Web development team trained

Mobile Accessibility

  • Testing with mobile devices.
  • Mobile Web Best Practices guidelines.
  • Advice on mobile application.


  • Transcription services
  • Documentation conversion

PDF Service

  • Create accessible PDF documents
  • Microsoft Word and Adobe Professional used

Cloud Services

  • Assurance of cloud environments
  • Developing accessible Document Management Systems
  • Remediation of all formats

Accessible Web Development Training

  • Create accessible content
  • Train your in-house teams
  • Check your own content

Accessible eLearning Development

  • Bespoke accessible eLearning packages
  • Bespoke eLearning packages
  • Tailored, engaging and practical courses

Supported Employment

  • Recruitment
  • Work-place assessments
  • Employee training

Disability Equality at work

  • Accredited Disability equality courses
  • Supported employment Service
  • Assistive technology service
  • Employer – Employee Mediation
  • Accessibility assessments
  • Policy and procedure development

QuickTest –
Usability at its simplest

  • ‘QuickTest’ is a unique service
  • Measures your website against others in your industry
  • A ‘ranking’ analysis tool

Physical Auditing

  • Building access auditing
  • Transport access auditing