Our Vision

Our vision is to support disabled people in society. We’re passionate about equality and we want to push accessibility as much as we can so that there are no barriers stopping anyone fully taking part in society. We can’t do it alone, that’s why we work with organisations to help them understand and achieve inclusion for all.

About Us

We provide a whole host of solutions for the workplace, to ensure we can all work productively and to the best of our ability regardless of any disability or impairment.

We work with organisations to holistically guide, teach and advise on how to build fully accessible and seamless in-house digital applications or help work with suppliers to ensure their ‘Out of the Box’ solutions are accessible to all.

We work with organisational departments to ensure that people with disabilities, impairments and well, actually everyone, can access the whole of the organisation from HR and Careers, to System Architects and Payroll.

We assist people with disabilities in the workplace by providing training and knowledge transfer for many assistive technologies but we don’t believe in training for training sake! To provide the best solutions, we learn your software’s and systems and provide training that suits the individual exactly, and at a pace that suits them.

We don’t believe in keeping our skills to ourselves and so make sure that every organisation we work with is given the skills to provide a fully accessible workplace though digital skills, developmental procedures or organisational policies.

This means that organisation is independent and does not rely on costly consultancy fees time and time again, to fix a problem. This way ensures an accessible environment becomes part of the company’s standard practice and improves year by year.

We love a challenge and are always happy to offer advice and guidance on anything digital or procedural. Contact us now, and see how we have made a difference to the organisations we work with. And of course, if we can help you we will.

Our Mission

We believe equality in life is essential and equal access too technological or physical environments is something we should all strive to achieve. With an unprecedented aging population, we all must start making adjustments to our daily lives if we are to move forward successfully.

The correlation between disability and aging is something well established and understood and so we believe accessibility of all environments is seen as more than just an option, it’s a necessity. We all need to perform in society productively and to the best of our ability.

Destek aim to offer a professional service that promotes inclusion, independence and equality through the accessibility of all environments.
We are not only a business but a group that acts with ethics and morals at the forefront of its decisions.

We have a highly skilled team that works alongside SME’s and large, global companies to spread our aim of achieving disability friendly societies. We do this by addressing areas such as Education, Employment and Digital communications by removing any barriers for people with disabilities.

Our team and services are continually evolving to have the skills to provide the highest quality of service with regards to accessibility, as well as having a great understanding of aspects such as diversity and equality.

Destek are proud to support equal opportunities, there is no discrimination in our employment processes or who we chose to work with. Everyone is treated fairly with equal opportunities and respect. As a company we approach all situations with honesty and integrity, and pride ourselves on our ethical outlook.